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Roadheading, (Roadheaders) Tunneling and Heading Systems

Webster Machines supply roadheading machines capable of excavating tunnels from as small as 2 metres in height and width through to tunnels as large as 7.5 metres high and 10.5 metres in width on a "single pass" basis.

We have supplied roadheader machines worldwide manufactured by Wirth, Voest Alpine, Eickhoff, Dosco & Long Airdox.


Webster Machines also supply the material handling conveyor infrastructure required to support the high volume production roadheading machines provided by Webster Machines.


Roof and Rib Bolting

In the event of the machine cutting where the heading requires a bolting pattern to roof and rib, we can supply the roadheader with a purpose designed bolting rig That will enable the machine to cut, clear, and bolt both rib and roof in a cyclic operation. In the event of unstable conditions or faulted areas, we can set the bolters to work as close as 900 mm to the heading face. In areas where only faulted areas exist, we can provide a working platform fitted with bolting pods that enable the operator to quickly swing the platform in to position (fixed to the cutting boom), and by way of simple leg drills can bolt a faulted area in a very fast, and economical way.

Why Webster Machines for Roadheaders?

The initial question any potential buyer of mining and tunneling equipment should ask is "what gain do we make in buying equipment from Webster Machines?"

Why should you, as a company, not buy from the original equipment supplier?


The true answer is that there is no reason!


The gain you will make is the fact that:


  • Webster Machines will be unbiased with the equipment we propose with no allegiance to any OEM. We will offer the best machine for your application in every respect, with no preference to who or which comp nay manufactured it.

  • Webster Machines will offer equipment fully overhauled, certified and totally compliant to your application normally with a quarter of the time that the OEM can offer.

  • Webster Machines offer a warranty commensurate with that offered by the OEM and supply our engineering staff both pre and post commissioning anywhere in the world.

  • Webster Machines provide equipment at less than 50% of OEM prices!

  • Call out rates for our engineers is also 50% of the OEM.

  • Webster Machines can arrange the shipment of equipment anywhere in the world. All shipments are trackable and normally cheaper than the OEM.


Reason enough?